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Client Benefits

Forma Futura's strengths are anchored in our values. Since we live these values daily, you as a client receive very concrete benefits:

Double Effect

Because Forma Futura invests your assets responsibly, you achieve a double effect: your investments make a positive contribution to a sustainable quality of life and, at the same time, your portfolio achieves a fair market rate of return.

Personal Relationships

At Forma Futura you have contact with both senior management and the private client team, who will gladly make time for personal, individual discussions. Your individual needs are always the central focus.

Understandable Investments

You know where you have invested your money – and why it is invested doubly well. Portfolios managed by Forma Futura do not contain any non-transparent, complex financial products.

Transparent Fee Model

The asset management fee is calculated as a function of the average value of the portfolio. To avoid any conflicts of interest, we refund the entire amount of any retrocessions we receive to our clients. Forma Futura also negotiates preferential terms for its customers with custodian banks.

Comprehensive Information

Our portfolio reports contain extensive information on the financial performance as well as the sustainability performance of all companies in the portfolio. You may critically discuss any sustainability issues or questions you have with Forma Futura at any time.

Living Shareholder Democracy

You will receive our recommended voting instructions for the general meetings of all Swiss companies in your portfolio. In this way you can use your voting rights as a valuable contribution for helping make the companies more sustainable.

Sandra Moser

Sandra Moser

Customer Support
«Work and life are equally important and inseparable. Thus, I attach great importance to doing a job that makes sense. Supporting and implementing Forma Futura’s strategy is my personal concern and pleasure.»