Pension Funds

Forma Futura offers individualized asset management services to pension funds. The pension fund's assets are invested so that they have two positive effects on the future. On one hand, they should generate a long-term yield in line with the market; on the other hand, they should help shape the real economy in a positive manner.

Adopting a long-term perspective and looking at opportunities and risks comprehensively is essential for pension funds. It is precisely this approach that Forma Futura takes in the selection of companies in which we invest pension fund assets. In addition to analyzing the financial soundness our analysts also take into account the environmental and social sustainability of each of the companies in which we invest. The aim is not only to achieve a fair market return but also to preserve and promote a sustainable quality of life.

Forma Futura is approved by the Supervisory Commission for Occupational Pensions (Oberaufsichtskommission Berufliche Vorsorge, OAK BV) as an asset manager for occupational pension plans and is registered in the list of firms approved as asset managers by the OAK BV.

Sustainable Investments

Forma Futura makes sustainable long-term investments in companies that meet all of the strict criteria of our investment selection process. Investments are made only in liquid, exchange-traded securities. Preference is given to direct investments in stocks and bonds. For reasons of diversification, targeted sustainable equity funds may also be used.

Individual investment profile

Based on the investment rules in the regulations on occupational pensions BVV2 and the specific investment policy statement of the pension fund, Forma Futura develops an appropriate investment profile. If the investment regulations require an index-oriented investment, this can be considered on the basis of a sustainable mandate.

Comprehensive Reporting

Asset management with Forma Futura includes detailed reporting. In addition to a statement of portfolio performance, we also report on the sustainability performance of as well as the key financial figures of the companies and funds held in the portfolio.

Exercising Active Shareholders' Rights

Another service we provide our clients is the voting recommendations for the shareholders' meetings of Swiss companies. The exercise of shareholder voting rights is an essential tool for influencing the sustainable development of enterprises.

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Patrick Spengler

Patrick Spengler

Senior Advisor Private Clients

«I am pleased to share Forma Futura’s many years of experience in the field of sustainable asset management with our customers. I am convinced that investors, through their investment behaviour, can make a major contribution to ensuring a sustainable quality of life. We are of course very pleased that responsible investment is becoming increasingly important among investors as well as regulators.»