Private Clients

Forma Futura offers individualized asset management services to our private clients. At the heart of our client relationship is a personal consultation. We meet with you and spend whatever time is necessary to understand your precise personal needs regarding financial security and sustainability and then help you choose an investment profile that is right for you.

In order to integrate our strict sustainability process into the portfolio in the best possible way, we mainly invest in individual securities. This means that our clients know exactly which companies they are invested in – this high level of transparency is very important to us.

We do not invest in hedge funds, commodities, or structured products, primarily due to a lack of liquidity, transparency and sustainability. We strive to remain independent and avoid conflicts of interest, and thus we do not offer our own investment products. The positive performance development over many years compared to conventionally managed mandates speaks for our solid craftsmanship, particularly with regards to the restrictions resulting from our strictly sustainable investment process.

A sustainable vested benefits solution with Forma Futura

Since January 2024, Forma Futura has been offering sustainable vested benefits solutions for private individuals in collaboration with PensExpert AG. A vested benefit arises when leaving a pension fund (interruption of employment, change to self-employment, moving abroad, etc.). The vested benefits capital can be withdrawn at the earliest five years before the ordinary AHV retirement age. If you are employed after reaching AHV retirement age, you can defer the withdrawal of vested benefits assets for a maximum of five years.

What advantages does a vested benefits solution with Forma Futura offer you?

  • We advise you on choosing the right investment strategy for your vested benefits assets, taking your individual needs into account. Adjustments can be made to your investment strategy at any time.
  • Your retirement capital is managed as a single, individual mandate.
  • Forma Futura Invest AG is responsible for managing your pension capital. We implement the investment strategy you have chosen with our thorough and holistic sustainability approach.
  • When the vested benefits are paid out, you can convert the assets into your freely disposable assets without having to realise accumulated gains/losses.
  • You receive full transparency regarding the costs and the companies invested in your portfolio.

Vested benefits solutions are offered by Forma Futura Invest AG together with PensExpert AG, a leading provider of pension solutions. This means that we are able to accommodate your specific pension and investment needs.

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Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter

Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter

Founding Partner, Vice-President of the Board, Client Advisor

«Empowering the investor to be able to use capital as a resource for improving a sustainable quality of life and to earn a competitive, risk-adjusted return at the same time, is a central concern of mine.»