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Shaping the future with sustainability in practice

With the new "encompassing sustainability" platform, Forma Futura is launching a somewhat different sustainability report. Rather than publishing information about sustainability at Forma Futura annually, we share up-to-date insights of how we live sustainability on an ongoing basis. 

Sustainability is our guiding philosophy at Forma Futura. Much like a compass, our understanding of sustainability informs not only our thoughts, but also our actions. We seek to address the multifaceted challenges of our time with this guiding compass and are convinced that a sustainable quality of life is only possible if our actions respect the social and ecological boundaries of our planet. As a wealth manager, we safeguard the quality of life for this and for future generations by managing risks as well as focusing on solid business models and future-proof innovations.  

Through "encompassing sustainability", we will share our latest insights on the topic of sustainability – whether it is sustainability at Forma Futura or outside our company. With these insights, we would like to invite you to express your thoughts and reflect on the many aspects of sustainability together with us. Because building a sustainable future for all requires bold ideas, fresh inspiration and constructive discourse – both with ourselves and with our fellow human beings. Not just once a year, but continuously. We hope to spark meaningful and honest conversations this way.

While we publish the pieces in German only, we are always happy to answer any questions that may arise in your preferred language.