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Investing in a sustainable future

For Forma Futura, sustainable investing means that an investor uses his or her financial assets to make a positive contribution to the quality of life of future generations while, at the same time, achieving a fair market rate of return.

To reach these goals, a client's assets are invested exclusively in companies that meet the strict criteria incorporated in our investment selection process. Our team of sustainability analysts determines what investments qualify by answering the following fundamental question: What does a company make and how? In order to assess this, our analysts measure the company's performance in the following key areas:

  • leadership and employees
  • strategy and products
  • society and environment
  • exclusion criteria

This sustainability assessment is binding and of equal weight to the financial assessment of each company that is performed by our team of financial specialists. In their analyses, they evaluate the following criteria:

  • financial soundness
  • strategic market positioning
  • liquidity (i.e., sufficient trading volume)
  • potential long term performance

The belief that the sustainability performance of a company, as well as its economic performance, must both be excellent forms the core tenet of responsible investing at Forma Futura.

The portfolios of Forma Futura therefore achieve performance comparable to non-sustainable investments. In addition, they have the advantage that most additional risks have been identified, thanks to the broader analyses of companies.


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Patrick Spengler

Patrick Spengler

Senior Advisor Private Clients

«I am pleased to share Forma Futura’s many years of experience in the field of sustainable asset management with our customers. I am convinced that investors, through their investment behaviour, can make a major contribution to ensuring a sustainable quality of life. We are of course very pleased that responsible investment is becoming increasingly important among investors as well as regulators.»