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As an independent asset management company that deals extensively with current issues in sustainable investing, Forma Futura clearly has its own opinions. They are a central part of our corporate policy and are, for example, expressed in the following activities:

  • Responsible selection of shares and bonds of sustainable companies
  • No investments in government bonds issued by countries that do not act financially, socially or ecologically in an ethical and sustainable manner
  • Contributing to the strengthening of shareholder democracy by providing voting recommendations for the shareholders' meetings of Swiss companies
  • Consciously avoiding non-transparent, complex financial products
  • Avoiding any conflicts of interest
  • Issuing our own position papers on topics such as carbon footprinting, fracking, water, genetic engineering in agriculture, CO2 emissions trading, or bioplastics
  • Having dialogs with corporations to foster an awareness of sustainability
  • Being involved in associations and foundations to promote sustainability
  • Promoting dialog about sustainability in universities and colleges where Forma Futura also conveys knowledge in courses

In order to continually and critically examine our own positions, Forma Futura follows topical research in the field of sustainable investments. Important findings, for example, are provided in the following studies:

  • In their meta-study “From the Stockholder to the Stakeholder: How Sustainability Can Drive Financial Outperformance” the University of Oxford and the London-based asset manager Arabesque Partners arrive at the conclusion that responsibility and profitability are not incompatible but wholly complementary
  • The Harvard Business School’s long-term study “Corporate Sustainability: First Evidence on Materiality” states that investments in companies that outperform with respect to certain sustainability criteria also outperform with respect to share price development
  • A study conducted by Oekom Research AG confirmed the influence of sustainable investors on management and the strategy of enterprises


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Alice Balmer

Alice Balmer

Co-Head Sustainability Research

«For me, dealing respectfully with resources and fellow human beings are values that matter in the financial industry too. We are all responsible for global inter-generational justice.»