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Since our beginnings around 18 years ago, our business activities have been based on clear values. In a changing world, these values remain our compass.

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We treat our fellow human beings, animals, the environment and its resources with care, respect and tolerance. We promote critical discourse on sustainability issues to discover positions that we can explain to our clients.


We are committed to the responsible use of money. We see ourselves as part of a financial system that is not an end in itself, but rather serves the real economy.


We are committed to clarity and openness towards our clients. We provide clear information on the returns generated by a portfolio, its contribution to sustainability and the fees and charges incurred.


Our way of thinking is long-term and holistic. Along with the economic perspective, we consider the social and environmental dimensions in all our investment decisions. This is how we set the course for a future worth living.


We express our opinions. We want to stimulate thought and inspire ourselves and others to rethink positions. Since we have no vested interests in providers of financial products, we can do this without having to offer products that do not comply with our values or investment criteria.


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Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter

Antoinette Hunziker-Ebneter

Founding Partner, Vice-President of the Board, Client Advisor

«Empowering the investor to be able to use capital as a resource for improving a sustainable quality of life and to earn a competitive, risk-adjusted return at the same time, is a central concern of mine.»