Vision and mission


Forma Futura's vision is the sustainable transformation of the financial sector - and thereby also the transformation of the real economy.


Forma Futura strives to be an inspiration for a financial industry that serves its clients, society, and the environment.

Forma Futura enables clients to invest their financial assets responsibly. Through new perspectives and our work, we aim to drive change towards a robust financial system that serves the real economy.

Forma Futura also specifically supports the sustainability transformation of the economy, both through financial flows and through knowledge transfer by engaging in dialogue with companies.


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André Utzinger

André Utzinger

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Head of Finance and Operations

«Money expands an individual’s possibilities for action. With this freedom, the individual’s social responsibility grows. At Forma Futura, I therefore want to help to contribute to the preservation of the assets of our customers, while promoting long-term sustainability for the next generation to enjoy a good quality of life.»