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Corporate Memberships


Shareholders for Change

The Shareholders for Change network (SfC) is a group of investors involved in active engagement with corporations to enhance a sustainable development as an essential element of their role as bond – and shareholders. In addition SFC will engage with institutions, proxy advisors, associations and other public or private organisations to support the development of sustainable financial markets and a global economy aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Framework.


CRIC (Corporate Responsibility Interface Center) is a nonprofit association dedicated to the promotion of ethics and sustainability in investment activities. It understands its role to be both an information platform and a competence center. The core competence of CRIC is in awareness, commitment and scientific research. Through these activities, CRIC wants to help ensure that companies give more weight to ecological and socio-cultural aspects in economic decision-making.

Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF)

Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) has the goal of establishing Switzerland as a leading center for sustainable financial services. More than 80 organizations, including financial service providers, investors, research organizations and the public sector, have joined forces to promote social and environmental issues in the investment and financing business. This not only opens up a multitude of opportunities, but also supports its goals for the Swiss financial center.

Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen FNG

The Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen FNG (Sustainable Investment Forum) has been, since 2001, the industry association for sustainable investment in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. It has more than 160 corporate members including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, rating agencies, asset managers, financial advisers and NGOs, as well as around 30 interested private individuals.

Öbu – Netzwerk für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften

Öbu is the Swiss network for sustainable businesses. Founded in 1989, this corporate confederation with approximately 400 members favors the exercise of economic, ecological and social responsibility in business. Öbu promotes the practical implementation of advanced sustainability standards, is working with its members on an "economy of the future" and is committed to supporting the basic conditions necessary for it to develop. Through its members, Öbu represents around 500,000 jobs in Switzerland. It has also acted as a regional network of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) since 2013. Beginning in 2015, Öbu became a member of the UN Global Compact.

Asset Manager

Verband Schweizerischer Vermögensverwalter VSV

The Verband Schweizerischer Vermögensverwalter VSV (Swiss Association of Asset Managers SAAM) is the leading trade association of independent asset managers in Switzerland. As stakeholders, the association is committed to maintaining the reputation of the investment industry and protecting investors. The self-regulatory organization (SRO) of SAAM ensures that the professional ethics, as well as legally required obligations, are met by member asset managers in the fields of the prevention and combating of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Sponsor Membership

Verbandsmanagement Institut (VMI)

The Verbandsmanagement Institut (VMI) is an institute of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. For nearly 40 years, the VMI has been concerned with interdisciplinary scientific questions about the management of associations and other nonprofit organizations, and it examines the development of the “third sector” between market and state in German-speaking countries, and in comparison to other organizations internationally.